Friday, March 6, 2015

Post 885

Bentley is presenting a News Broadcast each Monday on his blog.   Tune in every Monday to get all of the latest news stories.

Blogville POTP is a blog created to spread the word and awareness for those in our world who could use our support and Power of The Paw.   Click the name and link to the blog to see all posts.

Blogville Welcome Wagon is a blog sponsored by Angel Jazzi.   It is a meeting and help blog for new furiends in our community.

The Cat On My Head is promoting a weekly series called Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.   Click the link to the blog for more details.   Post your selfies and join the hop on Sundays to participate.

Enid is hosting her 2nd Annual Dress Up Dog event.   See her 2-28-15 post for all of the entries and vote at the top of the post.    Deadline for voting is 3-7-15.

Frankie & Ernie are hosting Guys Day on 3-23-15.    See their 3-1-15 post for list of events and/or to sign up to host part of the event.

Lily & Edward are promoting Glitz & Glamor Fundraiser for FBRN.   See their 3-2-15 post for details.  Event is in Beverly Hills, California on 4-25-15.

Murphy and Stanley are hosting a Mayorz Marathon on 4-16-15.    See their 1-16-15 post for details and register by 3-15-15 to participate.

Ranger, Dui and Stuart are celebrating with their triple barkday with a Scavenger Hunt on 3-14-15.  Watch future posts for details.   Visit them that day to find all of the items.

Ranger is reminding us of the Wacky March Holidays for this month.   See his 2-26-15 post for the complete listing.      


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  1. Thanks Sarge. Me and Stanley ran 6 miles today. It was pretty nice outside cuz the sun was shinning and our snow is melting. We saw lots of birdies and a cat. I wanted to chase them but mom said no.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley