Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post 738

Bacon is hosting an Elf On A Shelf Giveaway.   See his 8-28-14 post for details and voting will take place in September.

Frankie will be moderating Blogville's Mayoral Debate on 9-22-14.   Stop by his blog on that day to hear the candidates debate the issues.

Funny Farmer Felines are hosting a series of cat interviews each Friday.   Click on their name to see their blog for details.

Jazzi's life will be celebrated during National Taco Day on 10-4-14.   See her 8-17-14 post for details and post about your tacos on Oct 4th to participate.

Lily & Edward are hosting the 2nd annual Hugs and Kisses Day on 9-6-14.  See their blog for details and post about hugging/kissing your loved ones on 9-6-14 to participate.

Murphy and Stanley host Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales on the last Friday of each month.  See their blog for the phrase that must be included in your story and post that day to participate.

Murphy and Stanley have a Power Of The Paw Page on their blog for those friends who need our love and support.   Please see their blog and click on the POTP tab to review.

Ranger is sharing his list of Wacky September Holidays so we can all participate.   See his 8-30-14 post for the complete list of dates and holidays.   Post on your own blog to join in the fun.


Rascal & Rocco are hosting a weekly Pet Parade Blog Hop each Friday.   See their blog for details and to participate on Fridays.

Shiloh & Shasta are sponsoring a Friday Furrendz guest blogger series.   See their blog for details and to participate.   Guest bloggers will post on most Fridays.



  1. WE will be airing the Grrrreat Debate on Channel 87 WFnE TeeVee. Just sayin.

  2. I love all these events. I can't wait for the Mayoral Debate and Taco Day of course. This Friday is National Cheese Pizza Day and I will be serving free pizza all day on the food truck. Please stop by with the Crabby Girls.

    Loveys Sasha