Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Post 647

Auctions for Petz is hosting an auction for The Baby from katniplounge.  Please click the link to donate or bid on an item in the auction.   Deadline is 5-30-14.

Bacon and Fozzie are co-hosting  Shop Around the World.   See their 5-9-14 post for list of items and post your list and pricing on 5-28-14.

Blogville will be having a Dino Dig on 6-7-14.   Dig for dinosaurs, bones, foodables, toys, anything you like.   Dig in the dirt, sand, a litter box, your toy box, a bed, anything at all.   Open to all species and for any type of digging that you like.

Easy and Mollie & Alfie are co-hosting a  TimeWarp Bloghop.   See their 1-13-14 posts for details and on Tuesdays post your before and after pictures to participate.

Funny Farmer Felines are hosting a series of cat interviews each Friday.   Click on their name to see their blog for details.

Mona is creating a Father's Day Smilebox to be posted on 6-15-14.   See her blog for details and send your Dad photo to her by 6-13-14 to be included. 

Murphy and Stanley are hosting a Logo Contest to design the official Blogville Logo.  See their 5-28-14 post for details and submit your design by 6-15-14 to be included in the voting.

Murphy and Stanley have a Power Of The Paw page on their blog for those friends who need our love and support.   Please see their blog and click on the POTP tab to review.

Ranger is sharing his list of Wacky May Holidays so we can all participate.   See his 4-29-14 post for the complete list of dates and holidays.   Post on your own blog to join in the fun.


Rascal & Rocco are hosting a weekly Pet Parade Blog Hop each Friday.   See their blog for details and to participate on Fridays.


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  1. Hi Sarge! Mommy keeps furgetting to write the dino dig in her calendar! I hope we don't miss out on this!