Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Post 569

Cinnamon is hosting a Pony Giveaway.   See her 2-4-14 post for details.  Comment about why you'd like to win and be entered for the random drawing.  Deadline is 2-12-14.

Dr. Seuss Day is March 2, 2014.   Post about our favorite author/doctor on that day to participate.

Easy and Mollie & Alfie are co-hosting a  TimeWarp Bloghop.   See their 1-13-14 posts for details and on Tuesdays post your before and after pictures to participate.

Enid is hosting a Dress-Up Dog contest.   See her blog for details.   Deadline is 2-28-14 and a prize will be included.

FiveSibes is hosting Blog Book Tour for "Buddy, the Christmas Husky".   See their 1-17-14 post for details about participating in the tour.

Funny Farmer Felines are hosting a series of cat interviews each Friday.   Click on their name to see their blog for details.  

Lily is hosting a Giveaway.  See her sidebar for details and comment about Benny to win a National Dog Celebrity Calendar.  The calendar is dedicated to Benny, and to purchase use discount code "2frenchies2014".

Madi is sponsoring the Queen Of Hearts Dance for Valentine's Day.   See her 1-21-14 post for information.   Event will take place all day on 2-14-14.
Kissing Booth:  Casey and Cinderella
Band:  Bad Dawg Agency
Match Making Booth:  Easy and Frank
Photo Edit Studios:  Mollie&Alfie and Ranger
Pin the Heart on the Donkey:  ThruSquirrelEyes and Marg
Love Messenger:  Maggie Mae and Max
Disc Jockey:  Rockin Wills
Ambulance Service:  Benji and Lassie
Gardens and Centerpieces:   Wyatt and Stanzie
Safety / Crowd Control:  Sidebite and Ranger
Food and Drinks:   Sasha and Ruby
Ladies in Bloom:   Sarge

Murphy and Stanley have a Power Of The Paw page on their blog for those friends who need our love and support.   Please see their blog and click on the POTP tab to review.

Sweet William the Scot is hosting a giveaway.   See his blog between 2-10-14 and 2-14-14 for the announcement and details.  Be prepared to send a photo of you and a mystery item to pawticipate.

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