Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post 262

Bunk is offering a Soothing Therapy Pet Soap Giveaway.  Comment on his 10-23-12 post to enter to win.  The drawing will be on 10-29-12.

FiveSibes are hosting Things Our Dogs Are Thinking.  See their blog for the details.  Deadline is 11:59pm on 10-27-12.

Garth Riley is hosting a Frosty Paws giveaway to highlight support for animal shelters.  See his 10-12-12 post for details on how to comment to enter and the prizes. Deadline is 10-27-12.

George The Lad is celebrating his 11-27-12 birthday with Birthday Steps.  See his 10-1-12 post for details to have your photo included on his steps.

Jazzi is coordinating our Holiday Card Exchange.  See her 10-9-12 post for details.  Deadline to enter is 11-7-12

Mollie & Alfie and Molly The Wally are offering Howloween Picture Spookifies.  Check out their blogs to join in and see Roo's 9-28-12 post for a sample

Nola is sponsoring a chip in for Mr. B's headstone.  See her blog for the link.  Deadline is 10-30-12.

Nola is hosting a Halloween Costume Contest.  See her 10-18-12 post for details to enter.  Prize is a Target gift card and the deadline is 11-1-12.

Roo is hosting a BarkBox / MeowBox Giveaway.  See his 9-24-12 post to see a sample and details to enter.  Deadline is 10-31-12.

Ruthie is hosting a Giveaway for photo votes.  See her 10-21-12 post for details about the contest and how to enter.


Molly the Wally is hosting a series called Share It Sunday which features guest bloggers.  See any of her Sunday posts for a sample. 

Dachshund Nola, You Did What With Your Weiner, and My Life In Blog Years are hosting an ongoing Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.  See Nola's blog for details and information.

See Beautiful is hosting an ongoing blog hop called This Moment.  The hop occurs on the 2nd Friday of each month.   For more information, you can also see Sugar at this link.

Stuart is hosting an ongoing series called Foto Fun Day.  See his 6-1-12 post for details.  Send him a fun picture of yourself to be included in his posts.

George the Lad is accepting participants as guests on his Saturday Steps series. See his 4-14-12 post for the email and details.

Bailey is hosting an ongoing event called Dogs In Cars. Send her pix of pooches going for rides and she'll be doing posts to show them all.

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