Saturday, November 7, 2015

Post 1025

Bacon and Fozzie are co-hosting Shopping Around The World on the last Friday of each month.   See Bacon's blog for the list of items and other details.

Bacon  and Nikitaland are hosting Pay It Forward on the first Wednesday of each month.   See Bacon's blog for details about participating.

Bentley is presenting a News Broadcast each Monday on his blog.   Tune in every Monday to get all of the latest news stories.

Blogville Awesome Retreat (BAR) is being planned for June 10-12, 2016.    Click the link to the blog for all of the details including the meeting location and lodging information.

Blogville POTP is a blog created to spread the word and awareness for those in our world who could use our support and Power of The Paw.   Click the name and link to the blog to see all posts.

Blogville Welcome Wagon is a blog created to introduce us to new bloggers.    Click on the name and link to the blog to see new friends.

Cat Blogosphere is hosting Secret Paws 2015.    See the 10-16-15 post for event details and sign up by 11-7-15 to be assigned a secret paw.     Cats and dogs are welcome.

The Cat On My Head is promoting a weekly series called Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.   Click the link to the blog for more details.   Post your selfies and join the hop on Sundays to participate.

Millie & Walter are promoting Save Those Stamps to support a greyhound rescue.   See their 5-18-15 post and the tab at the top for details.   Collect your stamps and send to them to help out.

Murphy & Stanley are hosting Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails    The inclusion for November is:
 "After I ate all that turkey  . . ."  Publish story November 27, 2015

Oreo is hosting a Holiday Card Exchange.    See his 10-17-15 post for details and click on the Blogville Mail Box link to join the exchange.    Deadline is 11-14-15.

Oreo is hosting a Holiday Gift Exchange.   See his 10-20-15 post for details and use the email to sign up for an exchange buddy.   Deadline is 11-18-15.

Ranger is reminding us of the Wacky November Holidays.   See his 11-1-15 post for the complete listing of the month's special holidays days.

Rascal & Rocco are co-hosting Monday Matters each week on their blog.   These posts highlight important animal causes.

Sammy hosts a Tuesday Teaser every week on his blog.   Link over every week to see the photo and guess the location.

Winnie's Wish is holding an Auction from November 7 to November 21, 2015.   Click the link for details and the available items.


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  1. Thanks Sarge. I think we are going on a hike today. We might ride another buffalo cuz we're adventurers like that.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley