Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Post 894 - UPDATED

Bentley is presenting a News Broadcast each Monday on his blog.   Tune in every Monday to get all of the latest news stories.

Blogville POTP is a blog created to spread the word and awareness for those in our world who could use our support and Power of The Paw.   Click the name and link to the blog to see all posts.

Blogville Welcome Wagon is a blog sponsored by Angel Jazzi.   It is a meeting and help blog for new furiends in our community.

Casey & Cinderella are raising funds to celebrate Legacy Boxer Rescue's 11th birthday.   See their 3-18-15 post for information about donating.

The Cat On My Head is promoting a weekly series called Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.   Click the link to the blog for more details.   Post your selfies and join the hop on Sundays to participate.

Dory is hosting Girls Night Out on 3-24-15.   Click her name to link to her blog for more information and details.

Frankie & Ernie are hosting Guys Day on 3-23-15.    See their blog for list of events and details about entering each part of the event.

Lily & Edward are promoting Glitz & Glamor Fundraiser for FBRN.   See their 3-2-15 post for details.  Event is in Beverly Hills, California on 4-25-15.

Murphy and Stanley are hosting a Mayorz Marathon on 4-18-15.    See their blog for details about their event.

Our Rainbow Friends has posted their tribute to those who crossed the rainbow bridge in February.   Visit their site to remember the friends we have lost.

Ranger is reminding us of the Wacky March Holidays for this month.   See his 2-26-15 post for the complete listing.      


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  1. Thanks for the reminders Sarge! We almost forgot to revisit Casey and make a donation - thanks to the blogville calendar we got it done!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel