Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Post 577

Bad Dawg Agency is seeking members for the Rainbow Bridge Choir.   See Ernie's 2-24-14 post for details and respond asap to be considered.

Dr. Seuss Day is March 2, 2014.   Post about our favorite author/doctor on that day to participate.

Easy and Mollie & Alfie are co-hosting a  TimeWarp Bloghop.   See their 1-13-14 posts for details and on Tuesdays post your before and after pictures to participate.

Enid is hosting a Dress-Up Dog contest.   See her blog for details.   Deadline is 2-28-14 and a prize will be included.

FiveSibes is hosting Blog Book Tour for "Buddy, the Christmas Husky".   See their 1-17-14 post for details about participating in the tour.

They are also hosting a giveaway to celebrate their Blogiversary.  See their post for details to be eligible to win a T-Shirt.

Frankie and Ernie are hosting a giveaway for anyone who participated in the Mini UsLympics.  See their 2-21-14 posts for details.  Prize is a custom made mini-me.   Deadline is 2-26-14.

Funny Farmer Felines are hosting a series of cat interviews each Friday.   Click on their name to see their blog for details.  

Mona is preparing a Smilebox for the Mini UsLympics.   See her blog for details.  Submit your photos and information to her by 2-28-14 to be included.

Murphy and Stanley have a Power Of The Paw page on their blog for those friends who need our love and support.   Please see their blog and click on the POTP tab to review.

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