Monday, June 10, 2013

Post 381

Dachsies With Moxie and Susie & Sidebite
are hosting an Auction to benefit the animals effected by the Moore Oklahoma tare hosting an Auction to benefit the animals effected by the Moore Oklahoma tornado.  See their blogs for details and the Auction runs from 6-10 through 7-4-13.

Funny Farmer Felines are publishing Interviews each Friday.  Click on the link to their blog for details and to read about our furiends.

Jazzi is hosting a Father's Day event.   See her 5-24-13 post for details.  Prize is 1 year of Blue Mountain eCards.  Choose a card and comment about your peep to enter.  Deadline is 6-10-13.

Mollie & Alfie are hosting a Who Do You Take After contest for furiends whose humans look like them.  See their 6-6-13 post for details and the email address.  Submit a photo of yourself and one of your human look-alike to be entered for a prize.  Deadline is midnight 6-9-13.

Noodles is hosting a Wacky Hair Contest.  See 6-7-13 post for details.  Comment and submit photo of your crazy fur to be entered to win a Pup-A-Top ID tag.  Deadline is midnight 6-14-13.

Pet Blogger Mall is planning a Big Grand Opening in July.  Please click on the link to see the blog and please become a follower.  Follow the blog to keep up on the latest happenings at the Mall.

Ranger and Frankie are co-hosting Sunglasses Day on 6-27-13.  To join them, post your participation on your own blog that day and include at least one caption for one of your pictures.

Sagira is accepting donations for the annual Weim and Cheese event.  This supports the Louisville Weimaraner Rescue and you can comment on her posts to ask for details.  The event will be on 6-29-13.


Sugar invites her furiends to join her for the 1st Anniversary of {This Moment} See Beautiful blog hops.  See her 6-7-13 post for details and celebrate the Anniversary Hop on 6-14-13.

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