Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Post 322

Finn and Charley are hosting a Park Day Event with Gizmo.  See their post on 4-5-13 for all of the details to participate.  Post about your park experience on 4-26-13 to be entered for a prize.

Funny Farmer Felines are publishing Interviews each Friday.  Click on the link to their blog for details and to read about our furiends.

Mollie is hosing a Birfday Fancy Dress Party.  See her 3-24-13 post for details.  Send her a picture to compete for a Best Dressed Prize.

Sasha is hosting a comment-a-thon in memory of Remington.  See her 4-2-13 post for details and comment on 4-4-13 to participate.

 Shelldon & Beachnut are hosting an Amazing Exotics event.  See Sarge's 3-27-13 post for details.  Post about any animal in your family that isn't a dog or cat to enter for a prize.  Deadline is 4-3-13.

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