Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Post 315

Bunk is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt.  See his 3-16-13 post for details.  Contest runs from 3-17-13 through 3-30-13 with winners announced on 3-31-13.  There are 35 total prizes.
Funny Farmer Felines are publishing Interviews each Friday.  Click on the link to their blog for details and to read about our furiends.

Mollie is hosing a Birfday Fancy Dress Party.  See her 3-24-13 post for details.  Send her a picture to compete for a Best Dressed Prize.

Shelldon & Beachnut are hosting an Amazing Exotics event.  See Sarge's 3-27-13 post for details.  Post about any animal in your family that isn't a dog or cat to enter for a prize.  Deadline is 4-3-13.

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  1. Hi Sarge the mad Scots Susie and Sidebites sent me over. I am having a giveaway and they said it should be on your calendar. What do I need to do? Thanks Dolly