Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post 297

Dachsies With Moxie are hosting a Quilt Raffle.  See 2-21-13 post for details.  Supports Snoopy's adoption fees and DRNA.  Enter from 3-1-13 through 3-15-13 with winner drawn on 3-17-13.

FiveSibes are celebrating their 3rd Blogiversary with a Giveaway.  Prizes include their book "What's Wrong With Gibson" and a canine epilepsy awareness bracelet.  Deadline to enter is 3-2-13.

Funny Farmer Felines are publishing Interviews each Friday.  Click on the link to their blog for details and to read about our furiends.

Our Rainbow Friends will have the January post set for 2-16-13.  Click on link to see the post for the month.

Pip is currently traveling on a Bucket List World Tour.  See his 1-14-13 post for details.  Tour includes weekly posts.

Susie and Sidebite are hosting a Guess the Weight Contest.  See their 2-19-13 post for all of the details.  Winner to be chosen on 3-1-13.

White Dog Army is hosting a CommentAThon for Quinn's Gotcha Day.  Proceeds support Live Gib Strong K9 epilepsy awareness.  Comment dates are for posts on 2-26-13 & 2-27-13.

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