Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Post 275

Blogville Circus comes to town on 2-15-13 and 2-16-13.  Click on link for happenings, rules and details for this event.

Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere are hosting an Auction on 1-21-13 for Sallie's Vet bills.   To donate, email Marg at margaretmsanATgmailDOTCOM.

Mollie & Ranger are hosting a Valentine's Day Ball on 2-14-13.  See their 1-14-13 post for details.  Event includes crownings and prizes.

Pip is currently traveling on a Bucket List World Tour.  See his 1-14-13 post for details.  Tour includes weekly posts.

Sarge is hosting Blogville Sled Day on 2-2-13.  See his 1-19-13 post for details.    Deadline to participate is midnight 1-26-13.

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