Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post 103

Fivesibes is honoring Harley's barkday with a giveaway.  See their 3-10-12 post to enter a drawing for a pawtographed copy of their book What's Wrong With Gibson.  Deadline is midnight on 3-14-12. 

Bunk is hosting a St Patrick's Day Contest.  See his 3-4-12 post for details.  Post a pix, add some sentences, link, comment, and you're in.  Ist prize is a custom raincoat worth $60, 2nd prize is $25 for Mr Chewy.  Deadline is 3-17-12.

Barbara's girl Minnie is in need of double knee surgery.  A chip in has been created to help raise funds for her.  Please see her 2-25-12 post for details.  Deadline to donate is 3-31-12.

Sugar is hosting "Where Is Sugar Going" from 2-28-12 to 3-26-12.  Post a guess to enter.  3 winners for 3 categories.  See her 2-27-12 post for the details.  Clues on Friday & Sunday.

Morris Animal Foundation is launching a canine cancer study.  They are looking for purebred Golden Retrievers under age 2 to participate in a 10-12 year study.

Fivesibes is now offering their book, What's Wrong With Gibson. A percentage of the profits will be donated to the non-profit Center for Canine Epilepsy Resources.

Road Dog Tales is now offering their 2012 Pit Bull Frog Calendars. Please visit pitbullfrogsDOTblogspotDOTcom for all the details. Proceeds can be directed to the non-profit organization of your own choosing.

Bailey is hosting an ongoing event called Dogs In Cars. Send her pix of pooches going for rides and she'll be doing posts to show them all. See her 11-11-11 post for the details.

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  1. Hi ya Sarge! :D Just wanted to tell ya what a great thing this calendar is! Has really helped me stay in the loop while on break! :D

    Thanks pal for all your dedication and work!

    Waggin at ya,