Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post 81

Our Rainbow Friends will present their first post on  2-20-12.  This will honor all January 2012 rainbow bridge crossings.  See below for all of the details about this blog.

Luna is having a commentathon in honor of her Daddy K's birthday.    Money will be donated to a shelter or animal charity.  Her blog seems to be fixed now and she is extending this event to 2-19-12 so more can pawticipate.

Coco the Princess is hosting an Occupy Your Toys event.  See her 2-15-12 post for details.  Do a post and leave her a comment to pawticipate.

Jess & Glacier are hosting a Valentine's Day Dance for Blogville. Proceeds from this 2-14-12 event will help Dog Foster Mom build a new fence for her fosterpooches. Check out the details including Vote for King & Queen, Kissing Booths, Sweets for Your Sweetie, and Raffle Prizes.    KING: GLACIER;  QUEENS SHASTA & JETTA;  RAFFLE WINNERS: AMBER & MAX;  SOPHIA;  BALOO;  SARGE;  FRANKIE;  GARTH RILEY;  TEAM BEAGLE BRATZ;  MAGGIE MAE & MAX.

Sugar is hosting a Giveaway featuring a CinnaMutt Food Bowl.  See her blog and click on the giveaway tab to subscribe and enter.  Deadline is 2-15-12 at 12:00am.  Then be sure to tune back in on 2-11-12 for information on another Giveaway featuring 3 prizes.

Bunk is having a Caption Contest.  See his 1-29-12 post for details.  There are 2 first place prizes and 4 runners up.  Subscribe to bunkblog, create a caption for the picture in the 1-29-12 post, and get the most Like votes to win.  Deadline is 2-15-12 at 11:59pm.  WINNERS:  ELVIS;  MINNIE & MACK;  SARGE:  JAKE & LUCKY & DIXIE:  BUDDY KEATON.

Mango Minster 2012 categories are now closed.  Judging is underway. See the 1-1-12 post for all details, categories and rules. Multiple categories, judges, prizes are all included in this event.  The show kicks off on 2-12-12.  VOTING IS ONGOING.  WINNERS SO FAR:  MOLLIE JO;  CHROME;  GLACIER;  ALLRED;  CORBIN & TAFFY.

 Mona & Weenie will be creating a Smilebox memorial review of the Valentine's Day party.  Please send pictures, blog and email addresses to them at redriccaATsbcglobalDOTNET.  The review will be posted the weekend of 2-18-12.

Our Rainbow Friends is a new blog created by Jed & Abby, Zoolatry and Amber Da Weenie's Mom.  It is designed to honor those who have recently crossed the rainbow bridge.  Please email names to ourrainbowfriendsATgmailDOTCOM.  The first deadline is the end of February.  After the first post, the deadline will be the 10th of each month.

Fivesibes is now offering their book, What's Wrong With Gibson. A percentage of the profits will be donated to the non-profit Center for Canine Epilepsy Resources.

Road Dog Tales is now offering their 2012 Pit Bull Frog Calendars. Please visit pitbullfrogsDOTblogspotDOTcom for all the details. Proceeds can be directed to the non-profit organization of your own choosing.

Bailey is hosting an ongoing event called Dogs In Cars. Send her pix of pooches going for rides and she'll be doing posts to show them all. See her 11-11-11 post for the details.

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