Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post 33

Mayzie is sponsoring a Chip In to help the Houston Pittie Pack family. Here is the addy for this event. pittiepackfirerecoveryfundDOTchipinDOTcom/sandrasDASHfireDASHrecovery.

If anyone would like to send a gift card to help the Houston Pittie Pack, please contact
Frankie at his email account frankiefurterATwildblueDOTnet and include "sandra's addy" as the subject. Frankie will respond with an address for mailing your gift.

Agnes Bullock of Dachsies With Moxie is designing a Memory Quilt with the images of the five lost furiends from the Houston Pittie Pack. She is accepting 6" pieces of cloth to sew into the quilt. If you have a square of fabric that has special meaning to you, please contact her by her email addy trainwifeAThotmailDOTcom and include "pittie pack quilt" as the subject. Deadline to mail fabric is 1-16-12.   WHN STILL NEEDS APPROX 200 MORE SQUARES TO COMPLETE THE QUILT!

Tucker is hosting a Chip In Raffle to produce a miracle for Scout who is a fosterpup recovering from a leg injury.  See Tucker's 12-27-11 post for details.  Raffle prizes to be awarded 1-2-12.

Maggie needs some healing power of the paw.  Please visit her to add your support and well-wishes.

Samantha from Mr Rugby is promoting a Scavenger Hunt for her training school.  Event starts on 12-31-11 and prizes will be awarded.

Road Dog Tales is now offering their 2012 Pit Bull Frog Calendars. Please visit pitbullfrogsDOTblogspotDOTcom for all the details. Proceeds can be directed to the non-profit organization of your own choosing.

Finn is hosting "Where in the World is Finn's Momma?" starting on 12-30-11. See her posts for details and clues. You have until noon EST on 1-13-12 to guess. A care package will be awarded to the winner with the closest guess to her Momma's location.

Frankie, Road Dogs & Sarge are hosting My Peep Is A Flake from January 1-7, 2012. Three prizes to be awarded on Jan 11th. Deadline to post & comment is midnight Eastern time on Jan 7th. See Sarge's 12-10-11 post for details.

Jess & Glacier are planning a Valentine's Day Dance for Blogville. Details will be available soon and proceeds from this 2-14-12 event will help Dog Foster Mom build a new fence for her fosterpooches.

Bailey is hosting an ongoing event called Dogs In Cars. Send her pix of pooches going for rides and she'll be doing posts to show them all. See her 11-11-11 post for the details.

Nola is hosting an ongoing Exchange. Send her things from your area and she'll send you something back.

Mary, Roxy & Torrey will be donating 15% of select November & December sales from her artwork to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue. Click the name to see the site.


  1. Sarge.
    Maggie of Maggie and Mitch is ill.
    I think everybody in blogland must know them since they seem to comment on everybody's posts, always with good, supportive words. Maggie is 13 1/2 and it seems like her body is wearing out.


  2. OMD OMD... SO very many EXCITING thingys going on.
    THIS is the only way to keep up. THANK you fur doing it fur us.

    PeeS as of this morning.. WHN still needs 220 Memory Quilt Squares...