Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post 5

Road Dogs & Frankie are hosting the Duck Tape Festival the week of 11-7-11.
Mayzie is hosting Rescue Me Week from 11-7 through 11-11-11.
Bert is having a Hat Challenge during the week of 11-7-11. 
Challenge is extended through Saturday 11-12-11.  Voting begins on Sunday 11-13-11. 
Winnie the Greyhound is hosting a Book Giveaway. Deadline is 11-12-11.
Queen Coco Chanel is having an Awkward Family Pet Photos Book Giveaway picture contest.  Deadline is 11-15-11.
Two Pitties in the City are having a raffle to help Levi with his surgery.  Closes 11-12-11.
Hound Dogs & Jazzi & Schnauzer Days and Finn are hosting a Holiday Card Exchange. Deadline is 11-19-11.
Crossed Paws is holding an Auction.  Bidding starts at Noon on 11-19-11 and ends at noon on 11-26-11.   Donations are being accepted now.  See the blog for details.
Jazzi is also hosting a Christmas Gift Exchange.  The list is up now.  Mail your pressies by 12-7-11.
Sarge is hosting Give Us The Bird from 11-21 through 11-25-11.
Annie is promoting JinglePawsRock at http://fureverdachshundrescueDOTwordpressDOTcom/2011/10/30/jinglepawsrock-pawpawty/ & de twitvite  http://twtviteDOTcom/JinglePawsRock


  1. THIS is just SUPERB!!! Just what we all need to keep us Organized... /Thanks Sarge!!!

  2. Thank you for doing this!! We need a calendar to keep everything straight!

  3. Again, a big thanks to Sugar for making this look so great! :)

  4. Yay! Awesome idea! Thanks to Frankie Furter for letting me know about this!

    I'm looking for pics of doggies in cars, taken from the outside. Could you let everyone know? There's no end date for this new ongoing series ( Thanks so much!! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  5. Hello! Frankie Furter told me to send you info about my Letters to Santa recurring Friday segment. Here's a link to the original post ( Thanks Sarge- you ROCK!